Star Wars Evolutions 2 - Clonetrooper to Stormtrooper

Star Wars Fans

This shows the evolution of Star War's Stormtroopers.

Star Wars Evolutions: Clonetrooper to Stormtrooper

Episode II Clone Trooper - The Clone Wars

Episode III Clone Trooper - The Fall of the Republic

Episode IV Stormtrooper - The Rebellion

This item is a varient and I have both for sale on two different auctions. The 3 Clone/Stormtroopers in both auctions are different with a slightly different box. I have included a 2nd photo of the figures close-up so you can see the differnce. Also the trooper's helment on the front flap is different on each box.

Under the evolutions flap, t are several items of gear, guns, etc for these characters to use as well as a fantastic picture of all 3.

I have one in mint condition and never out of the box.

A perfect gift for those Star Wars Episode fans, a collector piece for those serious collectors, or for the young collector who wants to recreate the awesome space battle between the Republic and Separatist Forces during the Clone Wars.

Shipping is due to the box they are in and ebay's new shipping calulator.

Serious bidders only please. Shipping outside the United States should contact me first by email due to international shipping costs. No shipping insurance.

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