Star Wars Force Collection SWFC 4-Star Jango Fett 8/15 Evo Max Guide + Bonus

Raised by the Mandalorians, Jango would become a legendary bounty hunter and was also the genetic model for the Clone Troopers. He alwas keeps his wits about him, even when being interrogated by a Jedi Knight.
Jango Fett has the highest attack stats of any 4-star card in the game at 11,140 which puts him above any base 5-star card and on par with a 5-star Evo 1 Boba or Jango. Jango Fett also is the best pilot for the Slave I starfighter with an "S" level affinity.
You will receive an instruction guide on how you can obtain your very own fully maxed perfectly evolved 4-star 8/15 Jango Fett card for use in your own Star Wars Force Collection deck formations. The guide has very explicit instructions. All you need to do is follow them word for word.
Refer to the auction pictures for proof that this is a 8/15 Evo max: the card name is yellow and not white. Only perfectly evolved cards will display in yellow text: 2-card Evo 1, 4-card Evo 2, and 8-card Evo max. 4/7 Evo max cards do not display in yellow.
Personally, I only build 8/15 4-star and 3-star cards. I know there is only a small difference in stats between a perfect 8/15 and a lazy 4/7, but let me illustrate the power of 8/15 for you with an example.
Let's take one of my favorite cards: the
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