Star Wars Han Solo Aluminum Blaster Grill Prop Costume

Up for auction is a rare Han Solo blaster grill as used on the "Alternate" or "Greedo Killer" blaster used in Star Wars: A New Hope. This version of the Han Solo blaster was seen close up in the famous Cantina scene when Solo blasts the bounty hunter, Greedo (see reference photo above) and is probably the most famous of all the blasters used in the original Star Wars trilogy.

This grill can be attached to most of the 1896 (circa 1912) Mauser replicas available, including the Denix and MGC . It can even be mounted to a real Mauser (It WILL NOT fit an Airsoft Mauser!). The interior width is about 13/16" or 20mm.

What you get (pictured):

1 Machined Aluminum, Black anodized Grill

This grill was machined out of aluminum using AutoCAD drawings and is highly accurate. About 10 years of research (We used every available photo, including rare archival photographs from LFL) and craftmenship went into it. The grill can be attached to the Mauser with contact cement (Gorilla Glue), super glue, JBWeld or can be drilled and simply bolted.

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Domestic USPS Air with Tracking number is $8.99. International shipping (USPS Air) is $14.99.

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