Star Wars Holo Projectors set type 1 prop part suitable for R2 D2

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This part is made to the specified 1:1 dimensions, so size is a universal fit for all, but since starting to build my R6 I found many of the parts were chunkier than they needed to be with lots of excess resin that served no purpose. So as my original moulds are now starting to wear out, I am streamlining the parts to shave off as much weight as possible without affecting the cosmetic side or strength of them.

While this looks the same as the old ones it's been lightened and modified out of sight so to speak. For starters the unseen resin from behind has been removed, allowing easier fitment of a light source as there is now more room, and the lip around the fixing rings has been reduced as I found the old all round ring tended to hold the holo unit further into the dome, and you could see a slight gap where the new ring is only tabs allowing for a much closer fit. If you want to go one step further if you gently heat the tabs with a hot air gun the resin becomes pliable and you can bend them slightly to fit the dome for a perfect fit, up to you.

This is for a set of three holo projectors. One movable one, and two
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