STAR WARS NEW HOPE Mos Eisley Cantina + Land Speeder (Vintage) + 5 Figures Lot

Star Wars - New Hope!

You're bidding on a lot of Star Wars Action Figures + Land Speeder and 2 Mos Eisley Cantinas:

There are 5 Power of the Force Action Figures and 1 Star Wars Trilogy included with weapons:

- Greedo (Original Info Carton inluded)

- Han Solo

- Ben Kennobi (Original Info Carton inluded)

- Luke Skywalker (Original Info Carton inluded)

- Pote Snitkin (Original Info Carton inluded but not shown in the picture)

- Tuken Raider (Star Wars Trilogy)

Included a Vintage Land Speeder

Also included an original 1979 Cantina Set and a Powe of the Force 3D Display Diorama Cantina at Mos Eisley with Sandtrooper.

Decades after moviegoers first visited it, the Mos Eisley Cantina of Star Wars: A New Hope remains a potent crowd-pleaser. Now Hasbro has introduced this authentically detailed 3-D display diorama to complement its numerous 3.75-inch action figure Cantina habitués. Printed on heavy-duty, die-cut card stock and over 2 feet wide when assembled, this diorama folds into a re-creation complete with bar, tables, and booths. It includes a uniquely styled Imperial Sandtrooper figure with a heavy blaster and a patrol droid (which cleverly snaps into a slot on the trooper's back, giving it the illusion of floating) that's an exclusive
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