Star Wars Jedi Apprentice Series Complete Lot 20 books

Original Series of the


This auction includes all 18 books and the 2 Special Editions. Books are in near perfect condition. The spines are not bent, t are NO torn, dirty or dog-eared pages. T is a name written in #2 and #4 but no other writing of any sort. I don't think they have been read based on their fabulous condition.

The full set includes:

1. The Rising Force by Wolverton

2. The Dark Rival by Watson

3. The Hidden Past by Watson

4. The Mark of the Crown by Watson

5. The Defenders of the Dead by Watson

6. The Uncertain Path by Watson

7. The Captive Temple by Watson

8. The Day of Reckoning by Watson

9. The Fight for Truth by Watson

10. The Shattered Peace by Watson

11. The Deadly Hunter by Watson

12. The Evil Experiment by Watson

13. The Dangerous Rescue by Watson

14. The Ties That Bind by Watson

15. The Death of Hope by Watson

16. The Call to Vengeance by Watson

17. The Only Witness by Watson

18. The Threat Within by Watson

19. SPECIAL EDITION: Deception by Watson

20. SPECIAL EDITION 2: The Followers by Watson