Star Wars Miniatures Lot - 220+ Figurines + 20 Unopened + Cards WOW LOOK

Up for Auction:
Star Wars Miniatures Lot - 220+ Figurines + 20 Unopened + Cards WOW LOOK
I purchased these at a sale this week and have no clue what I have -- so this could be your lucky day. But please note these important facts:
I offer a money-back guarantee on your purchase -- just send it back and I'll refund your purchase price no questions asked. I'm trusting that buyers will return everything -- just my nature.
Although I'm not familiar with the miniatures, I do know that there are a lot of key Star Wars characters in the lot, so I know you're getting a great package. Look at the photos, ask questions, educate me if you like, but don't leave negative feedback because you're not happy with your purchase. It's important to me to make you happy and if you check out my feedback, you'll see that I really work hard to satisfy my customers.
A few other things:
The cards are in various conditions. Most are in plastic holders but I think they were played with at one time or another without the sleeves, so assume they're not in pristine collector's condition but some may be very nice.
I don't know which cards go with which characters, so I'm including all the cards and will allow you to figure it out. I thought about selling many of them individually, but it's just too much work. My laziness in this auction
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