Star Wars POTF2 Test Shot and Unproduced Prototype Assortment

These were purchased at the Traders World flea market in Monroe, Ohio in the late 1990's. Southwest Ohio was a hotbed of test shots and prototypes, due to the proximity to the Kenner/Hasbro plant.
You're bidding on an collection of test shot parts in assorted colors.
There's a partial Dewback head, a Luke Skywalker head, a Ponda Baba head, and a Klaatu arm.
There's also an assortment of parts for the Complete Galaxy line, which consisted planets that opened up to expose an action figure and diorama. There's parts for Dagobah (lacks the foot pegs of the final product), the Death Star, and the unproduced Hoth, which would have been packaged with a Princess Leia figure. There's also one base that lacks the embossed planet identification each production base got.
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