Star Wars Sears CANTINA ADVENTURE SET Vintage Kenner no figures

Star Wars CANTINA ADVENTURE SET, Sears Christmas 1978 Exclusive.

Please know that this item is opened, and the original action figures are NOT INCLUDED.

Playset is in very good shape, almost perfectly flat when on a surface. All 11 foot pads still intact. Does not appear to have faded. Carboard not warped or torn, only a couple minor creases (see 4th picture.) Flaps / flanges in good shape.

Original box has been restored from poor condition to fair. Some tape and glue inside the box has restored it to its original shape, though it tends to lean into a flat position.

Box edges and end flaps are in poor condition (see photos.) Some carefully applied ink here & there has covered most of the whitended areas from creases and crinkles. From a few feet away it looks quite good.

I ask that the winner please pay for this item within 4 days of auction's end.


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