Up for auction is a Star Wars Sears 3 Pack Catalog Mailer set. These were the sets that were shipped by stores like Sears and JC Penny when ordered from their catalogs. This set is a 3 pack which contains Chief Chirpa, Logray and Chewbacca from 1983. The SKU# is 93580 and item number is 49-59872. All 3 figures are still heat sealed in their respective Kenner baggies. Only Logray's staff was boxed loose with the set. After researching I discovered that his staff did indeed ship this way from time to time as seen on some Star Wars database websites. The set is in great condition. No damage to the figures or wear. And the baggies are still all sealed with no holes or rips in them.

I accept Pay Pal payments only. I will ship to USA, Canada, Mexico and UK. Feel free to ask me any questions about this item, I will be happy to answer you.