Star Wars SHAE VIZLA Expanded Universe Vintage Collection VC101 Mint UNPUNCHED

Mint on Card! UNPUNCHED! Star Wars: Expanded Universe Vintage Collection The Old Republic VC101 Shae Vizla 3.75 in. Figure

I LOVE these Vintage Collection figures. Lovingly detailed with outfits and accessories!
These Mint on Card, Unpunched items are specially stored, handled, and shipped to preserve value.
Bring the Thrilling "Star Wars: The Old Republic" Video Game out of the Screen with these Collectible Figures!
Includes: Beautifully detailed sculpt Helmet head sculpt 2 blasters 2 Flamethrower attachments
Background Shae Vizla made her first appearance in official Star Wars canon in the Deceived trailer for the
upcoming video game , Star Wars: The Old Republic , released June 1 ,2009 . Throughout the course of
the trailer, Vizla had no lines of dialogue, and was not initially named. [2] A bounty hunter wearing armor
similar to Vizla's, though not initially identified as her, was also seen in the second of The Old Republic 's
trailers entitled Hope , released on June 14 , 2010 .[8] The character remained nameless until an update on
the The Old Republic 's website featuring a Gentle Giant Studios statue of the bounty hunter with a
promotional blurb revealing her name, [5] and it was only with the release of The Journal of Master Gnost-
Dural that Vizla'
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