STAR WARS Vintage 1980 DARTH VADER Case with 58 figures ANH ESB ROTJ

Up for auction is a vintage 1980 DARTH VADER COLLECTOR CASE , with 58 action figures from ANH, ESB, & RotJ, complete with weapons and accessories. Case is in great shape, with minor scuffs/scratches one would expect with a childhood toy. All figures are in excellent shape, but were definitely played with as a child, so most vinyl capes have tears, and figures feature assorted scuffs & scrapes. Figures included:

Luke Skywalker ANHLuke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot ANH Han Solo ANH (Small head vers.) Princess Leia ANH Darth Vader ANH Chewbacca ANH C-3PO ANH Ben Kenobi ANH x 2 (1 w/vinyl cape, 1 w/o) Stormtrooper ANH x 2 Death Squad Commander ANH Jawa (Cloth cloak vers) ANH x 2 Tusken Raider ANH x 3 (2 w/vinyl cape, 1 w/o) Greedo ANH Walrus Man ANH Hammer Head ANH Death Star Droid ANH Power Droid/Gonk ANH R5-D4 Boba Fett ESB (Mail-away figure) Luke Skywalker Bespin Fatigues ESB Luke Skywalker Hoth Battle Gear ESB Han Solo Bespin Outfit ESB Han Solo Hoth Gear ESB Princess Leia Bespin Gown ESB R2-D2 w/Pop-up scanner ESB C3-PO w/Romovable limbs & pouch ESB Yoda ESB Lando Calrissian ESB Lobot ESB Snowtrooper ESB AT-AT Driver ESB Tie Fighter Pilot ESB Imperial Commander ESB Rebel Commander ESB Rebel Soldier (Hoth Battle Gear) ESB Bossk ESB IG-88 ESB 4-LOM ESB Zuckuss ESB Dengar ESB 2-1B ESB FX-7 ESB Bespin Security Guard ESB
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