Star Wars vintage lot 12" inch figures Darth Vader R2D2 Luke Skywalker C3PO Leia

If you're looking for other vintage Star Wars parts, ships, playsets, mini rigs, figures, etc, feel free to ask. I always have stuff not listed and maybe we can work on a lot purchase to save you costs on shipping.
Description - This auction is for the exact vintage item/s pictured. Assorted lot of Star Wars 12" line figures, and a Yoda puppet. The Darth Vader is complete with his cape and lightsaber. He's in VG condition showing a little wear here and there. His arms are a little loose but they still do hold in the raised position for a pose. Chewbacca is decent, but his arms are brutally loose and have even been poorly restrung at some point in his life. Part of his bowcaster weapon is present. It's missing the cross bracket and the part that wraps back around his arm is broken off. Luke is pretty decent. Shirt is quite nice and clean. Hair has a little paint wear. Pants have a scuff on the back, or something, but I couldn't get it to come off with a damp rag so assume it's permanent. Boots have bluing on the back that I couldn't wipe off either. Leia has a nice pretty clean dress. Stockings are not the originals. Missing hair buns but the figure itself is in EX condition. C3PO is in VG condition. All limbs are tight and he has a little paint wear, but displays great in my opinion. Yoda puppet is in pretty good shape. Little
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