Star Wars vintage ROTJ DROOPY MCCOOL Flute horn part lot royal guard

Up for sale is a part lot of Vintage (77-85) star wars style accessories. These are not original parts but very close looking replacements for of some of the most frequently missing Star wars parts. The parts are made from a resin with properties (look, density and feel) very close to the original plastics (but not perfectly). These replacement parts are as accurate as you will ever find, and are designed to look and display very close to the originals. this part lot includes:
1- black replacement flute for the 1983 droopy mccool figure.

1- gray replacement staff for the 1983 figure emperor's royal guard.

ALSO included as a bonus Item is 1 black stormtrooper blaster.

Please examine the photo carefully as the parts you see in the auction (3 total parts) photo are the parts you will receive.
#1 - I absolutely will not send your items in a standard envelope to try to save you money. if you are that cheap, you really shouldn't be collecting toys. I ship my items either in boxes or padded mailers (with tracking) as the purchase warrants.
#2 - Previously all of my auctions were "free shipping", I did this because a few people left me low DSR for shipping costs even though I was charging actual shipping costs (counting ebay and paypal fees). I made more money that way, but it was
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