Starbucks Fort Lauderdale #8528 Original in Store Canvas Wall Art***Uber rare**

This is an incredibly rare opportunity to own a piece of Starbucks history.
Up for auction is the canvas wall art displayed above the condiment bar at 1615 N Federal Highway (Store #8528) at opening and through the first year of business.
This canvas was saved from its doomed destiny of it's new home in the dumpster and instead was adopted by me (the store manager of the location).
1615 N. Federal Highway, dubbed the little store that could, opened as a "ristretto" store, aka the smallest store you could have, and serving beverage and pastry only (no retail).
Having a team of highly passionate coffee enthusiasts, we managed to out sell the entire district in whole bean coffee sales, despite having no display for it.
Looking to further store sales, I took all the clearance items from nearby stores and took an old etagere from a store's back room, put it close to the register, and rapidly sold through all the retail the other stores were going to have to mark out as unsold.
Having proved that 1615 N Federal was capable of much more than the ristretto designation it was given, the regional director approved a remodel to include retail and coffee wall bays to support in store retail sales.
Which brings us to the remodel and almost destruction of this piece of Ft Lauderdale Starbucks history.
This is a
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