StarCraft II Mega Bloks Terran Battle Cruiser NEW SEALED RARE Blizzon 2011

StarCraft II Mega Bloks Terran Battle Cruiser NEW SEALED RARE Blizzcon 2011
You like Starcraft? You like Starcraft II? You like the Battle Cruiser specifically? How about building 'not Legos but kinda like those but something called Mega Bloks and then putting that thing you built on your shelf next to your other nerdy stuff? You do?! Then this is for you!
So, we bought two of these things thinking, hot damn only 3000 (#1462) of these things EVER? Buy two, build one, hold one = profit. Yeah not so much. By the time I sell this to you for the low low listing price, final value fees and everything else, it didn't make back the money it cost me to keep it in my closet. That said I think the one I have out is awesome. So I'll undercut everyone else to get this moved so I can do the same thing with the next hot item that comes out.
Seriously, it's cool and a good geeky gift, or good gift for your geek! Did I mention free shipping? Please get this out of my house, I need money for mine and the wife's Legion pre-orders.
Again, SHIPPING IS FREE to US addresses ONLY. No International buyers please, and no E-bayers with zero or lower scores. I will ONLY ship this to PayPal confirmed addresses, if you don't have one I will require you to confirm one before shipping. No returns as the item is clearly what it is, consider carefully
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