Start Russian USSR Professional Single Lens Reflex 35mm Camera from 1958

This is a hard to find example of a Russian Start SLR camera from about 1958 with a Helios- 4458mm f2mm lens which is bright, clear and fungus free. The lens and viewfinder have the usual specks of dust normally present in optics of this age. The camera is fully functional but it has not been tested recently with film nor have the shutter speeds been checked for accuracy. The good cosmetic condition is let down bysomewhat poorly finished paintwork as may be seen in the photos

The Start was manufactured by Mechanical Factory of Krasnogorsk (Krasnogorsky MekhanicheskyZavod) (KMZ), near Moscov in the former USSR, between 1958-64. Start Старт (=Старт logo stamped as Italics) means Start. It was the first attempt to makea high-end professional camera. This camera has a full set of shutter speeds(from 1 sec to 1/1000), a lens with an automatic diaphragm in an unique breech-lock mount, and even has a knife for cutting-off part of the unexposed film.

The aperturerelease lever on the lens is pressed together with the shutter release, in away similar to that of some old Exakta lenses. The viewfinder screen has a dual prism rangefinder in the central area. The camera's pentaprism finder is detachable and slides off to the rear.

The Start is an interesting system SLR camera, and entirely mechanical. It was aimed at
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