Starting Lineup Lot of 3 1988 Basketball Figurines

First and FOREMOST, there seems to be a trend as of late now that e-Bay changed its feedback policy where people are bidding on items and then not paying. I have had several bidders not pay, and of course never respond to reminders. Be sure that I have not and will not walk away from it and do get my final value fees returned by filing a non-paying bidder case and the buyer gets a none payment strike on there account. Its simply NOT fair to sellers who loose potential sales because of these that will not keep there word by paying, and I truly wish e-Bay would recognize this! Before continuing, be aware that we are not a "toss it in a box and cross your fingers, hope it works, good luck to the buyer, we got the money so who cares" seller. We sell all types of stuff and are a legitimate business and not someone digging junk out of alleys, garage sales and re-sale shops hoping to make a few bucks. We know what we are selling and stand behind what we sell. providing it is used correctly and not altered in any fashion. Everything is ALWAYS correctly packed and will arrive in the condition shown. That being said, continue:
For your consideration we have a Lot of 3 Starting Lineup NBA figurines. These have never been removed from the packages.
1988 Larry Bird - Boston Celtics
1988 Larry Bird - Boston Celtics
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