starting lineups lot 1988-1993

Up for auction is my starting lineup baseball collection. There are 42 figurines in this lot. There years are from 1988 to 1993. These are great for collectors, conversion pieces or even kids that love the game and play with them and learn of great players and some legends. Starting lineups up for auction listed below:
1. Jeff Bagwell (Astros) 1993 VG 2. Pete Rose (Reds) 1989 VG 3. George Brett (Royals) 1988 wear on the name Okay 4. Cal Ripken (Orioles) 1993 VG 5. Shawn Dunston (Cubs) 1991 VG 6. Barry Larkin (Reds) 1993 VG 7. Ozzie Smith (Cardinals)1988 some wear Name is good Okay/G 8. Don Mattingly (Yankee)1989 some wear on Yankee symbol 9. Johnny Bench (Reds) 1989 VG 10.Reggie Jackson (A's) 1989 Okay/Good 11.Will Clark (Giants) 1989 wear on his helmet rest vg 12.Ken Griffey Jr.(Mariners) 1992 VG 13.Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners) 1993 VG 14.Benny Santiago (Giants) 1991 VG 15.Dan Plesac (Brewers) 1989 VG 16. Rob Deer (Brewers) 1988 little wear on helmet Okay/G 17.Eric Davis (Reds) 1988 VG 18.Chris Bosio (Brewers)1990 VG 19.BJ Surhoff (Brewers)1988 wear on helmet Okay/G 20.Darryl Strawberry (Mets) 1988 VG 21.Andre Dawson (Cubs) 1989 Poor 22.Kent Hrbek (Twins) 1990 VG 23.Glenn Braggs (Brewers) 1989 VG 24.Wade Boggs (Red Sox) 1988 VG 25.Fred McGriff (Padres) 1993 VG 26.Teddy Higuera (Brewers) 1988 VG 27. Paul Molitor (Brewers) 198
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