Starwars Force Collection: Guide To Obtain 5* Cards

Hey guys I have for sale an amazing collection of cards that can put you ahead of the competition! I've done all the hard labor and now it can be yours for a fraction of the price!!! Here are the cards that are currently in this account and all card have been EVOLVED PROPERLY!!
1 Evo max 5* obi wan kenobi (padawan)- very good evasion
1 Evo max 5* qui gon ginn- well balanced card
2 Evo max 5* padme amidala (senator at war)- amazing with the skills added from ki adi and padme
1 Evo 1 5* lando cloud city- the hottest cards out currently
1 Evo 1 5* jar jar 1 5* jabba- very good attack
1 Evo max 4* ki adi mundi with skill 40/40 (20% light attack)
1 Evo max 4* kit fisto with skill 40/40 (20% small evasion)
1 Evo max 3* padme amidala with skill max (20% female attack) this card puts the 5* padme's to work beautifully, not including the extra 20% from ki adi mundi.
1 base 4* PLO koon 1 Evo max 4* zam wesell
1 Evo max 4* jango fett
1 Evo max 4* boba fett
1 Evo max 4* luminara
1 Evo max 4* agen kolar
1 Evo max 4* mace windu
1 Evo max 4* commander Cody light side skill 8/40
5 base 3* darth mauls
And A LOT more 4* cards and 3* cards are included in this account! the account will also have about 1 million credits, 240 crystals and 70 training remotes. Don't gamble by spending
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