StarWars Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber Prop - Empire Strikes Back

Luke Skywalker's Empire Strikes Back Lightsaber Prop

This beautiful lightsaber prop is machined from stainless steel and aluminium, it is full sized (29CM Long) and true to the original movie prop.

If you look down the business end of the weapon, you will see a Kaiburr Force Crystal, which is used to create the powerful plasma blade.

"One of the other crucial pieces is a focusing crystal. The most powerful and sought-after gems are rare Kaiburr crystals. However, though lightsabers are powerful weapons, their design is so flexible that practically any kind of crystal can be used." ?Luke Skywalker to his students on making a lightsaber.

This Lightsaber is an important piece of Star Wars history

Following on from A New hope, Luke's Lightsaber underwent a few changes; most noticeably the activation strip, which now features the gold circuit board. Other changes include the cutaway handgrips and second button on the underside to replace the 'Graflex test eye'

The activation strip is recreated beautifully, as is the D-ring belt clip and plasma blade emitter. The sabre also has genuine rubber handgrips and comes complete with 3 spare Kaiburr crystals, a stainless steel S-Hook to hook the weapon to your belt, and a display stand to mount the lightsaber.

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