State Farm Insurance Corporate Portrait Lithograph LE



The Following comes from the back of the lithograph.

This Limited Edition Lithograph was presented in recognition and appreciation for outstanding individual contribution during their 60th Anniversary year.

(This was actually given to my Brother-In-Law on the 60th anniversary and hung in his office for many years.)

The original Corporate Portrait is an oil painting to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. In composing this painting, the artist attempted to include all of the important elements that would symbolize this event. President Rust's office became the focal point of the painting and from that point he arranged and rearranged the elements until he had a composition that was both aesthetically pleasing and also symbolic of the event.

Their are 7 points of interests and are labeled on the back what they are and w they are located in the picture.

A: George J. Mecherle--Founder af State farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company--June 7, 1922

B: Raymond Mecherle--President of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company--1937-1954

C: George J. Mercherle--President of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company--1922-1937

D: Adlai H. Rust--President
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