STAVRINOS Fashion Art Straight & Gay Interest RARE BOOK

For those of you who emailed me this past year, asking me to return to ebay, my hand to heart.

I promise to offer a treasure trove of rare collectibles throughout 2009. Thrilling it will be, that I Promise you.

Let's get this party started with an obscure, very special publication, printed long ago in Japan. A First and only Edition. Pages and Pages of Black & White Drawings plus full Color Artwork by George Stavrinos. This book has been kept in Pristine Condition. A 10 out of 10. One word: FABULOUS Photographs of George, his studio and his travels, grace the pages of this must have delight. George Stavrinos is, sadly, no longer with us. Carry his torch with this treasure in hand. T is No Reserve Price on this auction item. In the past, this book has fetched over $200 at Collectible Book fairs. Upon auction completion, t will be one Lucky winner. As always, I will provide Free Shipping to any location within the Continental U.S. All others please inquire.

For those of you who need a brief introduction, please read on...

When my dear friend George Stavrinos arrived in New York in November 1973, he had but five hundred dollars in his pocket and a portfolio of dreams tucked under his arm. At that time Fashion was the almost exclusive province of the photographic image. Fashion Illustration, which

A 'Risdee' (Rhode Island School Of Design) graduate, George Stavrinos studied under Sewell Sillman, who had studied color with Josef Albers at Yale University. George Stavrinos admired the work of Andrew Loomis, his Friend Paul Cadmus, J.C. Leyendecker, Bruce Weber and Maxfield Parrish. In fact, when Stavrinos was living in his Upper West side Apartment in Manhatten, he had a prized J,C, Leyendecker Painting on one wall (the famous one of the college boys carrying the canoe) and a Large Parrish Watercolor Landscape on another wall. Let's not forget the Dillingham pots and the Gustave Baumann color woodcut leaning against the north wall. Sorry, I'm reminiscing. Now w was I? Oh yes, fashion in New York! ...Into this vacuum enters Mr. Stavrinos whose illustrations for Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys New York, brought back a lushly representational style of Fine Art Illustration not seen since the days of Charles Dana Gibson, Howard Chandler Christy , J.C. Leyendecker and Antonio Lopez.

The Stavrinos style was characterized by a great attention to detail, an exactness and a symmetry normally associated with classical works. His work revolutionized fashion illustration in much the same way that Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts & Scavullo revolutionized fashion photography. For while his work is highly representational, it's imagery evokes those tender, tingling feelings of Romance & Longing. Memories of a time that never may have never existed, except in our imaginations. With each drawing, George Stavrinos taps into a realm of shared subconscious. Picture you've been invited into a Dream state w all is perfect and w everyone and everything is oh so beautiful. Picture yourself on a boat in a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies...

Perhaps George's visual poetry is the reason why his timeless Artwork attracts both Straight and Gay Interest alike. What an absolutely refreshing thought in a world which is so often besieged by hate.

Don't let this terrific book slip through your fingers. Life's experiences are ever so fleeting. When was the last time that you treated yourself? You're most certainly worth it.

I will pay for shipping and insurance costs. Personal Check or Paypal will be gladly accepted as payment. Enjoy the collage I constructed using just a few pieces George gave us throughout his illustrious career. Please keep his Flame Alive. Good Luck bidders. Once again, This is a No reserve auction. Highest bidder at close of auction brings this Treasure home.

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