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This is an amazing cap, " It stays on the head"!

This is an "original" Stingy Brim riding cap, never worn ! At a Good price! Check out their site and see that this is a Good price!

20 years stingybrim dot com has been making caps that stay on the head at High Speed. Born in STURGIS with the rally in our backyard the market is serious and at our back door. We design a soft headwear that is not restrictive or tight like other headwear. We want our caps to be worn with a soft touch to the head as well as comfortable in the back pocket . After designing and hand fitting thousands of caps to thousands of greasy heads we found what it takes to keep a comfortable cap naturally on the head at high speed . This is a discovery that only years of fitting and testing can reveal. No other manufacturer has taken the pains to discover what it takes. They haven’t run their fingers through the grease to find out. Why would they? When their cap suddenly leaves your head they hope to sell another. Stingy Brim is designed to stay on the head at high speed! And though you may never want to take it off, it also fits well in the back pocket!

This cap is sturdy black cotton twill with lining, fully adjustable. Great riding cap!

MEASURE YOUR HEAD! Go to the sizing chart at /html/size_opt__stingy_brim_biker_ca.html#size
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