Up for bid is a lot of four (4) standard gauge 2" in diameter drive wheels for American Flyer electric engines. All four have plain backs; none have gear bosses. These are new, old store inventory produced by Model Engineering Works (MEW) of Monrovia, CA in the 1970s. They are high quality zinc castings wheels with nickel tires and conform to the original 1975 MEW catalog as #205.

I am not a train collector or expert. Most ofthe description here is taken from notes left by my late father (the collector) and hanging out around him over the years. If I have rated this item as "Excellent" or "Good" for instance, it is from an amateur perspective, not that of a TCA member. Likewise, if I have stated that the item seems to be original, then I see no obvious signs of repainting or alternation but subtle indications may have alluded me. Again I am no expert and I have been fooled by well done restorations in the past. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

I have provided multiple close-up photographs in the hopes that you will be able to judge the quality and/or originality of the item yourself. If I have incorrectly identified something, please let me know, so that I can modify the description. All items are offered on a "as is" basis and no returns are accepted .