Std. Gauge Presidential Passenger Set w/PS 2.0 Two-Tone Blue By MTH 11-2007-1

Std. Gauge American Flyer Presidential Locomotive Passenger Set w/Proto-Sound 2.0 Two-Tone Blue 11-2007-1

This set was made by MTH Licensed by Lionel This set is new, never run. Locomotive and all cars have original boxes.

Set Includes: Presidential Locomotive w/Ps2, Presidential Passenger Set

Product Number: 11-2007-1 M.S.R.P. $ 1799.95 First appeared in: 2009 Lionel Tinplate Volume 1 At the apex of the tinplate era, American Flyer's top-of-the-line set was the President's Special. Introduced in 1926 with lithographed passenger cars and a painted engine, by 1928 the Special had evolved into a totally embossed, painted set with brass window inserts and details. While it lacked the interior furnishings of Lionel's best passenger cars, the Flyer set was nonetheless a magnificent train and, at $75.00, noticeably less expensive than comparable Lionel offerings. American Flyer's advertising department spared no hyperbole in its 1930 catalog description of the train:

"America's finest miniature railroad train and the "crack" train of the American Flyer lines, modeled after the 20th Century - America's Finest! Rich and beyond mere words to express its fascinating beauty, the "President's Special," a four-car train, stands out in bold relief, distinctive and individual against all other miniature trains.
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