STEAM by Ali Nouira - Superb Professional Mentalism / Magic Trick *easy to do!*

STEAM by AliNouira

Fantastic Professional Mentalism / Magic effect!

Brand New - never used

Divine any thought of object - STEAM by Ali Nouira really is one effect that you simply must have!
Sample effect:
A spectator thinks of a playing card, he then writes the name of the card on a piece of paper (it really is a free choice)
The magician instructs the spectator to fold the paper in two and secure it with a paper clip. The spectator then places the folded billet on the table and just for good measure then places a deck of cards on the top of it - THERE IS NO WAY THE MAGICIAN CAN KNOW WHAT CARD THE SPECTATOR IS THINKING OF!
The magician tells the spectator to concentrate upon their card. After a few moments of mind reading, the magician reaches for out, takes the boxed deck, opens it a removes one single card, the cards is very slowly turned around to reveal it to be the card that the spectator has merely been thought of. The paper is then unfolded to show that it is the exact same card (the paper has never been in contact with the magician.) It's really impossible! Amazing! ... But true.

· STEAM by Ali Nouira is simple and easy to do

· You never handle the billet after the spectator writes upon it.

· The method used for Steam is genius!

· STEAM by
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