Steam Locomotive Bell - Pennsylvania Railroad?

I believe this is a Pennsylvania RR Steam Locomotive bell. Has the PRR Keystone on the serial # on the yoke. Bronze and cast iron. Acquired at an auction in Ashtabula, OH approx. 20 years ago. Weighs 157#, dimensions are: diameter of bell at widest is 14 and 5/8", the bell is approx. 12" high, and overall dimensions are about 18" high and 24" wide. It is excellent operating condition and has a wonderful sonorous tone. are some links to websites with PRR information and pictures of identical bells on old PRR steam locomotives: / , / , /rrlinks/Railroadiana/Antiques_and_Collectibles/ , /

After reading and reviewing the above websites, the casting on the bell most likely can be traced to a category or class of locomotives (like a PRR K-4 or PRR M-1). Someone with far more expertise than I can likely identify what class of locomotive it came from.

It is my understanding that the bell and yoke can be separated from the base. This might make it possible to ship it in two parts. Shipping below has been calculated for freight and pick-up at my residence but I am will to box the bell in a wooden crate and deliver it to a freight company of your choice in the Miami Florida area. Other pick-up or shipping can be arranged by buyer.

Added 6/23/09 - I have had a couple of comments from eBayers suggesting that the casting
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