Steam locomotive Mars headlight

Offered is a vintage steam locomotive Mars headlight.For those of you who missed out on the one listed just like it last week or got outbid,nows your chance to go after another.First 's the scoop on this light.For those of you familiar with Quaker Square in Akron,Ohio and remember the large train collection of Mack Lowery that used to be inside the restaraunt in the old REA building years back wich i fondly remembered eating in t as a youngster back in the early 1970's and later in the 80's as t were RR lights,lanterns,signs ect.throughout and the large O scale train layout upstairs.As the years passed by things seemed to change and the O guage layout was removed and replaced with a G scale layout with a more European look.The RR equipment outside was then moved around back and later the restaraunt was moved over to the main Quaker Oats building.It seemed most of the train collection was downsized and when i stopped t in 1997 one of the shops inside had a room with RR lanterns,marker lights,and a few headlights for sale wich i presume came from the large RR collection.Amongst them were 2 steam locomotive Mars lights and i bought the better one along with some other RR lights.This peticular light is in nice shape for it's age as it is solid with no cracks or breaks anyw that i can see.It still retains it's original thick glass

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