Steam Trawler Drawings. Lord Wavell Class. Grimsby

For auction, following a house move and reduction in hoarded items as you do, i have 6 drawings from the S/T LORD WAVELL CLASS OF TRAWLER, owned in later years by Northern Trawlers, lastly British United Trawlers. They are a mixture of original copies and original from the ship builders, COCHRANE & SON LTD; SELBY, with ship builders official stamp, with varying dates from 19/09/1947 to latest 23/10/1959. They are all full size drawings for construction and all for the same Class of vessel. The condition varies, with some tears, marks and penciled calculations, that no doubt were done during planing of vessel repairs.

The listing, to clarify is for all 6 drawings and they comprise of the following :-

1) General arrangement.

2) Shell expansion.

3) Fish room plan.

4) Pumping plan.

5) Boiler plating plan.

6) Pipe arrangement, fuel oil bunkering, transfering & unit connections.

They would be excellent for accurate model building or for good old fasioned nostalga. I have had these for nearly 40 years and don't want to see them go into a recycle bin. A good home is needed. More important than money. I have listed them as buyer collect, as i antisipate they are of more local area interest, but i will post if required at cost of signed for postage only. Thanks
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