Steatite stone elbow pipe Indian relics artifacts AACA

I was in a field hunting arrowheads not long ago and upon finding a piece of an arrow point was reminded of what a priviledge it is to be the first post-modern man to hold a Native American artifact in my hand. I paused for a moment to remember that the real value in these relices we hunt, trade, save, buy, and sell is the piece of human history they represent and the opportunity to touch the past. What to us is a beautiful stone was to the Native American a means of basic survival as well as an outlet for creative expression. Long live the spirit, the traditions, and the peoples of the First Nations. May we never forget those who roamed this land free and brave long before we arrived.

That said, I have up for auction a nice elbow steatite pipe with a "coffee bean" node. Please note the damage to one of the sides. T is also a long crack that does not seem to have gone all the way through. I do not know if the break and crack are modern or ancient. This is one of two pipes I bought recently from a lifetime Indian relic collector whose word I take regarding its authenticity. Most of his finds, including this beautiful pipe are from Smyth Co., VA. w I live and hunt relics on private property with permission. Don't miss the chance to add a rare pipe to your collection.

This is a verified find and guaranteed to be authentic.
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