The Stedman Proscreen XL is a professional advanced pop filter for vocal applications. The Proscreen XL is made from our exclusive patented material that eliminates pops far more effectively than fabric filters. The Proscreen XL allows unobstructed passage of high frequencies helping to maintain the important detail in vocal recordings. In addition to its sonic advantages, the Proscreen XL can be easily washed between sessions. With the Proscreen XL in place, average recording signal levels can be maximized without the risk of clipping caused by bursts (extremely important with digital formats). The Proscreen XL has a large 6 diameter screen with rubber bezel and includes a 13 flexible gooseneck with an extended adjustable clamp to allow easy adjustment and placement. These pop filters have received rave reviews from the industry magazines such as Mix and Tape Op. They truly are the best pop filter money can buy! Check our feedback and buy with confidence! SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!!