Steiff 2008 Olympics Panda Bear w Lucky Bamboo SIGNED

Steiff made the very first teddy bear. His daughter, Marianne Steiff Meisel, is now 98 years old. Her daughter, Claire Steiff Meisel is the one who signed this bear. She is the grandaughter of Richard Steiff.

All Steiff bears are carefully cut, sewn, stuffed and decorated by workers at the Steiff headquarters in Germany. They use the finest of materials and take a lot of pride in their work.

In honor of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the Panda with Bamboo Bear was born. As far as I know, there are only 2 versions. This is the smaller 4" size. It is EAN037313.

This bear is fully jointed, has an abbreviated signature of Claire's on one paw (it is a very small paw and could not fit the entire signature- she was a quite a sport about it!), and each Panda holds a wool felt "bamboo" piece. The bear's "fur" is Apalca.

PLEASE NOTE: I have more than one of these. Of course they will not all be the same number on the certificate or the ear tag as the picture. Each Panda has his own numbered certificate and each one is signed by hand so may be slightly different than the photo. But each one has a wonderful face and is in mint condition.

These Pandas are very sweet bears and of course bamboo is considered very lucky. It is supposed to attract health, happiness, love and abundance.

A truly sweet keepsake,
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