Steiff Turtle Slo with Plastic Shell

PLEASE NOTE: Three of the four photos show a used turtle, identical to the one for sale. The Steiff turtle for sale is new, in its original bag, unopened. The auction is for the one turtle, new, in the bag.
Steiff Turtle named “Slo”. He was purchased in Germany in the 1980's and still has the original package covering, an unopened plastic pouch. He has his small silver button attached to his shell with the tag which gives the number 2450/10, and the chest tag giving his name, Slo, and the Steiff name. He is 5 inches long and 3 inches high at the head.
His underside, legs, and head are tan mohair with yellow and brown airbrushed markings. He is excelsior stuffed, has black bead eyes, an embroidered mouth, and little felt “claws” on his feet. The plastic shell is sewn on. I believe he was available from 1957-77.
I have never seen a turtle smile, but I’m sure that if one did this is how he would look!
The item may be viewed at the owner’s house in Louisville, KY, if desired. If you win the auction, it may be picked up with no shipping charge.
This is from a wonderful collection of hundreds of Steiff bears (and tigers, and rabbits, and giraffes, and. . .). Many small, some large. Most of the small items in the collection are vintage, most of the large ones are newer, and nearly all were purchased in Germany.
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