Steiff vintage hard bodied 12cm Susi cat ean3313 1950-54

For yout consideration: Steiff's rare 12 cm hard bodied sitting position Susi cat .Susi is covered in Rhine mohair airbrushed with gray and black stripes. She has stunning clear,, glass, green eyes . Her nose and mouth are hand embroidered with pink floss. Susi comes with both her faded yellow flag and Steiff button.her ean is 3312. This would place her birth somewhere between 1950-54 (Sortiments pg, 104). This is a very short production time, and thu, makes this particular size difficult to find. Susi's fur is clean, full and odorless.her seams are tight and secure. Her over all condition would be considered excellent.She would make a special addition to any Steiff collection.