Steinberg Pro Twenty Four Midi Sequencer Software for Atari ST

Vintage Midi Sequencer Software for the Atari ST Computer

This was Steinberg's last version of it's breakthrough professional sequencer software before Cubase was released.

Even today it can offer significantly better latency compared to Cubase running on a PC or MAC. There are websites that offer solutions to take Pro24 *.snd files and upgrade them in steps to the modern Cubase equivalent, should you wish to revisit your earlier compositions.

You will be bidding for the original authentic package which includes floppy disks containing the 24-track midi sequencer and Twenty Four Educational, complete user manual, and security dongle.

The postage charges apply only to addresses within the UK mainland. For details of delivery charges to countries within the European Union, you are advised to contact the seller before bidding on the item.

See also: Steinberg Masterscore for the Atari ST. I will be happy to combine the postage for both of these items.