Steinheil 25mm Redufocus Wide Angle Attachment

for Stereo Realist cameras

If your stereo photography lends itself to indoor shooting in cramped spaces, you will love this Attachment on your Stereo Realist. Among the photos accompanying this description, there is a composite photo showing a small utility room. The top stereo pair was taken without the Attachment. The bottom stereo pair was taken with the Attachment.

This Attachment is a high quality optical instrument, not to be confused with lesser devices that soften and distort stereo images; but, when the Attachment is on f3.5 Realists, acceptable or best possible results occur only at or near f8-f11. Image deterioration is noticeable at larger lens openings, and vignetting increases at smaller lens openings. No such problems occur with f2.8 Realists.

Because the lens coatings on this Attachment are somewhat mottled, smeared or missing, actual film tests were conducted to see if there would be any discernible affect on recorded images. A roll of Fujichrome Velvia 100 was loaded into a Realist with f2.8 Kodak Ektar lenses. With and without the Attachment on the camera, comparative photos were taken at all apertures - f2.8 to f22. Image quality proved to be excellent in all cases. The above mentioned utility room photos are examples. They were
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