Steins Gate" Kurisu=Makise(2011,BANP,Special.Figure,1/8,20cm)

"Steins Gate"

Special Quarity Figure 'Kurisu=Makise' Big Box Type

(2011, Made of BANPRESTO corp,1/8 scales, about 20cm)

It is made of BANPRESTO corp, and it is Kurisu=Makise.

This exhibition is limited goods put on the market only in the
convenience store in Japan (not sell,extra of game center).
The purpose of the cigarette in the photograph is to show the size.

See BANPRESTO Official Home Page:

To confirm the situation of the actual thing, it puts it out from the box.

The carriage becomes cheap if making a successful bid for other

commodities together.

-About the shipping area

I can send item to Euro and America and Canada,Australia,New Zealand ,South Africa, and Israel.

In the region that can be sent, besides, there are a whole area of the Mediterranean sea islands (Cyprus, Crete, and Malta, etc.)

and Sngapore,Taiwan,Thailand,UAE,Kuwait,Bahrain,Dubai,

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil,Santiago,Buenos Aires, Mexico City,

Hong Kong, Macau, St.Petersburg,Moscow,Sweden,Denmark,Norway and Finland.