Stella Goldschlag,Judaica,Peter Wyden,orig. photograph

Antique photograph of Stella Goldschlag (1922-1994, suicide), a Jewish woman from Berlin, who became popular for "hunting" so called "U-Boat"- Jews- Jewish people, who were living secretly in Berlin. In fact of her blonde hair and non-Jewish outlook, she was given the chance by the SS/Gestapo to "hunt" other Jewish people, to not be deported herself to a concentration camp. Her story became popular (in 1992) by the author Peter Wyden, who had known Stella from his school days on and wrote a biography about her.
The photograph is from my private collection, it was made in Berlin during the 1940s, very good condition, size is about 13 x 8,5 cm or 3 x 5 inches(height x width), original print, no copy.