STELLA TAFOYA CHAVARRIA b.1939 Santa Clara Pueblo Stylized Avanyu Design Jar

STELLA TAFOYA CHAVARRIA B.1939, Active since 1955
Santa Clara Pueblo
Deeply-Carved Blackware Jar
Stylized Avanyu Design with Feathered Top

5-1/2" tall,5" across shoulder
"Stella Chavarria Santa Clara" etched into base

Daughter of Teresita Naranjo

Black pottery has been made at Santa Clara Pueblo for generations
Pottery began strictly for utilitarian purposes hundreds of years ago
In addition to pottery for their own use, potters also made gifts for friends in nearby households around Santa Fe and Espanola
Archaeologists (in the 1930's) and Fred Harvey (Harvey House along the railway in the southwest in the 1950's) brought a tourist market
prompting potters to sign their pots.

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