STELLAR BEAM CALCITE DOGTOOTH Crystal Golden Elmwood Mine TN 13.5 grams 1.45"

This is a beautiful small double terminated golden Dogtooth (Sellar Beam) Calcite crystal from the famous Elmwood Mine in Tennessee .

*Comes with a quick reference healing properties card.

Stone Location : Elmwood Mine, Carthage, TN

Size : (L x W x H) in inches = 1.45x0.81x0.70 Weight : 13.5 grams

Healing Properties:

Calcite releases electrical impulses when placed under pressure. It amplifies energy and reminds us of our innate perfection by providing an unlimited source of tender loving power. Calcite is a world teacher, providing macrocosmic awareness, and respect for the powers of nature. Placing calcite of the appropriate color on a chakra, simultaneously clears & activates that chakra and then all other chakras via a sweeping action. It supports the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen.
*Can be used in any type of energetic healing modality.

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