Stereo Realist Stereo Camera, f3.5 to f22

I am selling this camera, a Stereo Realist (David White Co.) STEREO CAMERA from the stereo photography collection my father in law had. I will be selling off all the cameras, viewers, mounters, and accessories one at a time.
If you are looking at this you know what it is so I won't go into a long description. The camera works perfectly, is in good condition with some use blemishes. The blemishes are just minor cosmetic issues since the case id thr original case and has protected the camera well. The optics and viewfinder are extremely clear. This camera he had film in and was using. He was a very A-R engineer and made sure all his stuff was in excellent condition. We kept the thousands of slides he took and some viewers but don't have a need for the equipment anymore.
Email with questions. Satisfaction guaranteed.