An incredible, original oil painting by noted artist Edmond J. Nogar (d. 1986). This miniature floral painting is done in Stereographic 3D on 3 glass panes giving a wonderful effect. My photos don't do it justice. The frame measures 7"x8" and the exposed glass area is 4.5"x5.5". The reverse of the frame looks to be ink stamped " HAND PAINTED & HAND MADE BY NOGAR CREATIONS, TEL, 1300 S.E. 3RD WAY, POMPANO BEACH, FLA" (no zip code). Someone has hand written with ink pen "MODEL NO. 635" and "THIS IS AN ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING BY EDMOND J. NOGAR". The few stray yellow dots you see in the photos are there because the artist chose to leave them. They are not from the paint crazing or flaking. The following is a brief bio by a family member that I found while researching this work on the internet:
Edmond Nogar passed away in Bowie, MD in 1986.
His father (my grandfather) was August Nogar (b. 1880's Poland), who immigrated to America in 1906, became a tailor, and ultimately founder and president of the Nogar Clothing Manufacturing Company based in Reading, PA from 1918 to 1936. Many advertisements for this company, many of them full-page, can be found in magazines published throughout the 1920's, such as the Saturday Evening Post and American magazine.
Edmond Nogar was the eldest of seven children, and appeared as a model in
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