Old Stereopticon Slides and Viewer

An interesting collection of 63 stereopticon slides. T are 20 of buildings, 24 of scenery, 13 of adults and children, 3 of the ocean and 3 of flowers. Many are not identifed as to location or manufacturer. Others are. Manufacturers included are Fortesque Mann of London (3), F. York (5), The Anglo American Stereo Company (9), Underwood and Underwood (7), B.W. Kilburn of Littleton NH (5), Griffith and Griffith of Philadelphia 6), W. Robbie of Doncaster (5), Universal Stereoscopic View Co. of NYC (2) , and Webster & Albee of Rochester NY(2) and 19 unlabeled as to source. Many of the slides are very faded, others have stronger images. All are viewable. The subjects other than by type include London, Egypt, Rome etc. The viewer is old but allows viewing of the slides. It is an item in itself. At one time t was a handle below the slide track but it has broken off and is lost. The slides are contained an old wicker basket in which the slides have no doubt been stored for a long time. The time and place we obtained this item is lost in time. We have had them for a long time. They may have been purchased in a collection of things from a village auction when we lived in England in 1966-1969. We know these will be of interest, just to view times past in a limited technology way. We prefer to ship only to North American destinations.