Sterling Silver Butterfly Jewelry Collection 24 PC Native Artisan Turquoise Lang

For your consideration: Lot of 24 pieces of antique and vintage silver jewelry with a pair of earrings counting as one piece. They came from the estate of a collector. The lot consists of 8 pairs of screw back earrings, 1 bracelet, 1 necklace, and 14 brooches. I will describe each piece with its marking by photograph. Please read the entire description so you know what you are buying. The first photo shows the whole lot. The next few photos have a ruler for you to get a feel for the sizes.

Photo #3- All of the pieces shown in this photo are stamped "Sterling" except the turquoise profile butterfly stamped "Plata (sterling) 925" The necklace is stamped "Sterling Lang" and measures about 14 1/4". The two inlaid turquoise brooches have artisan hallmarks too tiny to photograph in addition to the purity stamps. The double winged butterfly bottom left also has an artisan pictograph (a face?) -I have photographed this mark in photo #8 with the dragonfly.

Photo #4 - shows more measurements and also shows all the screw back earrings. All of the earrings shown have a "Sterling" mark on the tip of the screw back except the far left front artisan filigree pair-they are very old and stamped "Silver Mexico" behind the screw back. The two pairs next to them are stamped sterling & have a gold vermeil wash. The vermeil shows
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