STERLING SILVER Old West Medallion collector set w/case

Presented here for auction is a wonderful collection of Sterling Silver Medallions depicting the history of "The Old West". Silver has been skyrocketing the last few months and is expected to go a lot higher in 2011. Here is an ideal way to get in on the precious metal market that has been so profitable. This collection is in excellent condition with no visible marks of any kind. The medallions have been kept in the custom wood case for several decades. Each Medallion weighs 2000 grains or 4.16 Troy ounces. At today's market of about $30 / Troy Ounce, this collection of 10 Medallions (41 Troy ounces of Pure Sterling Silver) is valued at over $1200 in just the weight of the silver.
Included with the 10 medallions will be the original sales receipts (I believe most of them are there), original brochure, printed descriptions of each medallion which tells the story behind it design, and the walnut storage case.
Examine the photographs carefully and . I have earned a 100% rating and value that rating much more then the value of this collection, so I want you to be 100% satisfied with you purchase.
I had the official description types for your examination:

An historicmedallic tribute

to the greatest masterpieces of Remington and

America's premier Western artists

Limited Edition, Proof-Quality
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