Stetson 5X Straw Cowboy Hat Autographed by Alan Jackson

This Stetson 5X straw hat was autographed by Alan Jackson at a concert held at Anaheim Pond in California several years ago.
I won front row tickets from KFRG and got his autograph during the concert.
's the story...I had to elbow someone in the head and then scale a security guard the size of Mt. Rushmore to get this autograph!
But, in my defense, Ms. Thing pulled my hair and tried to push her way in front of me and the security guard looked bored before I came along, so I feel almost justified in my actions....
Ladies and Gentleman, I've done the cat-fighting and used a security guard for a ladder against his will.
Now all you have to do is bid to have this hat!
Everytime I wore this hat people would always ask who signed it and then they would "ooh" and "ahh" when I told them it was Alan.
It has a great "crunchy" shape and fits nice and snug (size 6 7/8).
It's in good used condition and has a nice, neutral, chocolate brown hatband.
T is some makeup on the inside of the band.
I imagine it would come off with a good cleaning, but I have not tried.
I've included pictures of the hat both on and off so that you can see how it fits and the shape of it.
Please feel free to email me with questions.
P.S. If you are the girl I elbowed in the head you shouldn't have pulled
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