Steve McQueen Bullitt Dodge Charger License Plate Combo

These are 2 (two) Screen Accurate Steve McQueen Dodge Charger Bullitt "RDR 838" License Plates complete with 1969 California Registration Stickers. The plate is standard US plate size and has the correct US plate holes. We have a long tradition of replicating TV and Movie plates. We DO NOT make them out of plastic or use vinyl stickers over a white plate, they are metal stamped, silk screened and shrink wrapped. Theses plate are exactly as they appeared in the movie Bullitt and will mount perfectly to your own personal Dodge Charger or vehicle of your choice. This auction is for 2 (two) plates and 2 (two) registration stickers (front and rear tags). Feel free to drop me a line with any questions or quanities, all of our plates are made in the USA. Please look at our other auctions for the Bullitt 1968 Ford Mustang License Plate and Combo Packs.