NEW PRODUCT FROM LEAF - Steve Young 2013 LEAF CUT SIGNATURE MASTERPIECE 1/1 EXECUTIVE COLLECTION AUTOGRAPH Cut - Numbered 1 of 1!!!!! A REAL ONE OF ONE AUTOGRAPH -- VERY VERY RARE!!!!! The back of the card states that the Autograph was certified by JSA or PSA/DNA.

2013 Leaf Executive Collection Masterpiece cards just came out and they are on fire on EBAY!!! Leaf only made one Executive Collection Masterpiece card of each player or celebrity – so fans of those players and celebrities often fight it out for the RARE 1-of-1 cards and many other people are trying to expand their Executive Collection cards. The 2013 Executive Collection Masterpiece Cards are each numbered 1/1 and there is only one card of each player or personality in the Masterpiece set. The look of these cards are amazing – silver and gold combination foil borders in solid Beckett holder slabs that certify the authenticity of the autographs (the back of the card indicates that the autograph was also certified by JSA or PSA)!!!! They look like the nicest cut cards made (they are hard to photograph due to the reflection)!!

In 2012, even average name players and current stars from this product sold for more than $250-$500. Here are some of the prices I sold 2012 Executive Collection Cards for on Ebay (all 1 of 1 cards!): Gordie Howe ($600), Erin Andrews ($399
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