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Let the natural rhythm of your foot on the stomper create a deep bass sounding accompaniment to your playing. Simply plug one end of a standard ¼ inch jack lead into the stomper, and the other into your amp or P.A. Turn treble and mid EQ down and bass EQ up. This unit uses Proven Bass Humbucker technology together with its tuned internal chamber to produces a powerful and controllable bass beat. The design of the unit makes it equally suitable to stand or sit at whilst playing. The folding tail piece and base covering, ensures the Stomper stays put in mid song. A must have accessory to enhance your performances or add a new dimension to an open mic night. Can be played with hands or sticks if requires a great tool to help develop timing. The other BIG PLUS is the unit does not seem to suffer from any feedback problems, we have tried it on large P.A. Systems and many individual amplifier units and have had no problems at all.

We have found on open mic nights that if the unit is passed to a audience member on a flying lead it encourages people to join in and become part of the night it breaks down the feeling that they cannot perform ,a great audience participation encourager

Used by groups duo`s and solo performers with great effect
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